Patch notes [link]
Mounts [link]
*sob* spooky mounts..*Sob* so much stuff
omg. i love halloween
halloween..*YAY* (credit card at the rdy ^^)
Not convinced about the mini.[link]
Ooh foefire greaves [link]
Halloween 17 October [link]
I bought the purple wings....
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Escort through danger!

Tholburn a posted Jul 2, 17

Dispite being under staffed we succesfully escorted budding Magitech Scholar Genna through the approach to the Stronghold of the faithful!

Perfidy a Eeeeeasy.
Noomix yaaaay! grats!
verm Look at that sexy Orange Charr :)

Gorseval Down!

Perfidy a posted May 21, 17

Katarina/Andarlyis Well done all - was a fun night :d
Arosa yay! \o/

Vale Guardian Down!

Perfidy a posted Mar 1, 17

Gremorin a Yay grats people :)
Archuen Well done guys!!
Katarina/Andarlyis That was awesome. Congratulations everyone :d

Happy New Year!

Perfidy a posted Feb 2, 17

Happy Christmas everyone!

Perfidy a posted Dec 21, 16

Perfidy a While we wait in breathless anticipation of the vg kill we should put one up of the Cock and Balls.
Katarina/Andarlyis Want to reserve the next screenie for the VG dead please :d we need a new one !
Suffel Happy holidays!
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